Starting about the age of 4, education plays a very important role in shaping our life. It’s always a challenge for the parents to find out the best school, with the highest success rates and quality education. But in reality, what is education really meant to be? Is it the real education, which is followed by today’s schools? In my opinion, education is the training for our life. It should teach us how to live life ( the right way). Schools are the training centers. However, many of the people think that school is only for studies, mugging up the textbooks and acing the exams. Is that what life is all about? NO. We can see many examples of people who aced their exams, struggling to live the life they want. Others who didn’t ace, struggles either. Why is this happening ? I believe the reason for this is the education system, instead of teaching us how to live, it teaches us topics we never use in our life. They teach to calculate first, instead of teaching us how to calculate our future. They teach us to solve multiple choice questions, instead of teaching us to choose the right option in our life. Wha-

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The Reality